Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rambling Update

The count down has begun!! I will be leaving for vacation in approximately 48 hours. And where might I be going? To Montana OF COURSE! Every year we go back there to visit my family and fish the rivers. This year not only do we have several days planned to go fishing on some of the best rivers in the world but also a trip through Yellowstone Park planned. I grew up going to Yellowstone a couple of times a summer so I’m really excited to take Huba! Last time Huba went he was still a toddler so I’m sure he’ll have sooooo much more fun this time also. While in Montana my mother and I are also going to try our hands at dyeing. I’ve located a dye kit about 25 miles from my mother’s house that has 9 different colors for $50. What a steal! I just hope that I like the colors. Oh did I mention that during our trip to Yellowstone that I’ll be stopping at about 10 different yarn shops. All that carrying Mountain Colors as Mountain Colors comes from Corvallis, Montana. Unfortunately Corvallis is not any where close to my travels and Mountain Colors doesn’t sell retail at the place of production. So what’s on the needles? Well, I’m working on the foot on the camping sock. My fingers also told me that they needed to hold some larger needles so I started a basic tank made with Heirloom Alpaca. It’s rather a brushed slate blue. Really cool color. But, we all must wait until July for pictures as DH has the camera. I’m sure you are probably wondering what about that cardigan in progress. Well, I’m still mad that I had to take out the back. And the Debbie Bliss silk… well when my fingers started talking to me I really wasn’t in the mood to wind hanks….One sad thing about my trip is that I will miss a local Knit till You Drop day. Guess I might just have to schedule one at my home for fall. Oh what a wonderful idea. I could do it the weekend DH is off hunting with the children. Speaking of DH he got my a fly rod for our anniversary. Now I know that doesn’t sound that wonderful to most but I am extremely excited!! My father fly fished before he passed away and it is something that I want to learn and pass on to my children. Keep the hobby going. Along with the fly rod he also got me a fly vest. Don’t tell him this but the back of the vest has a pouch for snacks and stuff. Well, my knitting would fall under the classification of stuff so if I get tired of fishing I could just sit down and start to knit.


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