Saturday, November 04, 2006

Life of the Temporary Single Mom & Girl

Well, as everyone know the darling husband was gone all of August, September, and October training for his new job. He came home for a week. Then left again last weekend....for hunting season. It's an annual ritual that he does with his friends. He does take the boys with him on the weekends so I get a little no responsibility time. Which is really nice. And what did I do with my no responsiblity time? Last Friday night I went to Friday Night Knit Night. Then Saturday morning I got up and drove to Olympia (about 4 hours away) to see my most wonderful friend Sarah. We went to Tacoma (30mins north) to the Tacoma Dome for a Christmas Food and Gift Festival. It took us about 5 hours to walk through all of the booths. Sarah was so funny about mapping out each section so that we did not miss a booth nor have to back track. Myself on the other hand wouldn't of been so stratgic about it. Then we ended up at Starbucks for 2 hours just talking. We also went to Canvas Works in Olympia. I must say that I was a little disappointed as the shop was huge but they didn't have very much stuff. I guess I'm used to my little LYS where it is bulging at the seams with yarn. The boys and husband came home late Sunday (which was a travel clean up day for me). Monday husband headed back to the mountains. I took Huba (my 8 yr old) to Cubscouts. It was a pack meeting. And as a den leader I'm loving pack meetings as it requires no planning on my part. Hey its hard to think of ideas to keep 13 boys occupied for an hour once a week. Tuesday of course was Halloween. Huba was an army guy. We went to a couple of neighborhoods and when we stopped at my mother-in-laws she had homemade soup ready. That really beat my plan of swinging through McDonalds. Wednesday night I went to my shawl knitting class. We bound off and started the lacework. I didn't get much done as there was a new knitter that didn't know that its not appropriate to say your row outloud as you are working it in a group. Sorta like counting when someone else is saying numbers. Maybe I'm just not very talented. Thursday afternoon the boys went back to the mountains as they had no school on Friday. I went to my friends house to stamp. The first Thursday of the month is my Stampin up club but our leader had to reschedule due to her son having a school program. But Britt and I had fun. I'll post pictures of the cards we made. Once I get mine finished all the way. Last night was once again Friday Night Knit Night. We meet at a Barnes & Noble that has a cafe in it. There was a group on middle school steel drum players performing. Although we couldn't visit it was nice entertainment. So that bring us to right now. Saturday and Sunday. I have to work for about an hour today....I have to get the house clean...Finish the cards I started Thursday night...Organize my needles ( they are all out of their packages), work on my projects...and do what ever else comes to mind. Like eat potatoe chips in bed. So I better get started!


Duchess said...

Sounds like you had some great "take care of you" time. Something every mom needs more often than they get. Good for you!

You asked about the Koolaid I used to dye my shrug.
It was kettle dyed first with a mixture of lemmonaid and cherry and then with a mixture of 10 packets hawiian punch and 1 packet something green. Can't remember the name right now.

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