Monday, May 05, 2008

Back to the Grindstone

Well, it was the dreaded Monday after our weekend knitting retreat. While in Packwood we all rose pretty early excited to start our day.... bed head and all! This morning though.... when all I had to look forward to was a computer and piles of paperwork.......instead of a smile of glee on my face there was a huge heavy sigh of “here we go again.” I guess that is why it is called a “retreat.”
The trip truly inspired me this year. Heidi’s Forest Canopy shawl had me pulling out a 2 year old shawl project to work. FunDonna’s 6x6 Scrapbooks has me mentally going through my photos and supplies. Susan, Jessica, and Heidi have me dreaming of creating my own hand spun yard. (I looked online last night for a drop spindle and dropped a couple of hints to Huba.) And of course, I could also, knit a Christmas project a month just like Judie. (Do I know 12 people that would appreciate it that don’t already knit???)

As promised I would proudly like to introduce the finished JAILHOUSE SOCKS. But first.... the Warden Arwin :


gardeningknitter said...

Hi Penny,
Just wanted to drop in and see what you were up to. Those knitting week-ends are wonderful aren't they. I'm not long back from one and loved it.

Are your iris blooming yet? Say hello to 'mom' for me.


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