Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dewin the Tubin Cable Style

Here's the start of my reversable cable scarf with the tubular cast on. The green reminds me of Mountain Dew in the bottle. I love it! Mountain Dew being the drink of choice for this little knitter. The yarn is actually Cascade yarns Pima Tencel # 8374. Its great to work with and the shine..... the shine reminds me of silk. Its going to be for a Christmas present. And if my friend is actually reading my blog and can figure out that it is for her....then she deserves to know early. But I don't think that she reads it....does anyone? Please leave a comment if you do. I'm kinda curious as to if anyone even ventures on here. Anyways, enough of my hints :). I did take my scarf to the LYS only to be told that I had cabled back when I should of cabled foward. Fixing the mistake wasn't too horrible. It went something like this..."you got a crescent back here (pointing 2 repeats ago) you cable the wrong direction or skipped one of your rib rows." "oh no I didn't did I? (pouty face) "yep there it is can you see it" "yes *sigh* I can" "you know I can take it back for you." "Really (smile) that would be great." Now before you get any ideas I didn't milk that bad. The beginning of my week was really crazy and stressfull. I was down right exhausted at that point. So why Judy fixed my mistake I drooled over more yarn that I think I must have. Maybe Judy was using a tactic on me. I doubt it though.


allelejean said...

I'll comment!

That scarf is great! I really want to start a cable project, but I have too much to do first.

DomesticOverlord said...

Ooh, I love me some Cascade Pima Tencel! My hubby would dig on your Mountain Dew scarf, I better not let him see it!

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