Saturday, October 14, 2006

Motivation for the UFO

This morning I tried on two of my UFO's. Taking the pictures was quite the struggle. Bad lighting was the smallest of the problems. The biggest problem is trying to do it when I hadn't showered and was still in my husband sweatpants. Now the sweatpants are quite comfortable but nothing that I want to be parading around the blog-o-sphere in!! But, none the less, feeling the fabric against my skin makes me want to trade in my husbands sweatpants and just wear my sweaters all the time. The only problem is..... they aren't finished. (pout pout) But now they are taunting me....."I know you like me...but you can't have me.....I know you like me...but you can't have me............BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED ME YET" Don't you just hate it when your projects talk to you? Especially seeing how they are YOURS and you OWN them.... yep I'm taking charge. I have to finish the body of a shawl for a class. Then sweaters....better watch out...I'm on a mission....and I'm going to finish you.


Anonymous said...

Yes I read you Blog and look at your pictures and if someone had told me 15 years ago that you would be knitting and doing such nice work, I would have said they had rocks for brains. - Love Mom

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