Friday, October 20, 2006

Shawl Date Contest.

Just a quick tease. There is 213 rows on the body of the shawl. Knit in a triangle. Each row you increase a stitch with a YO. I'm on about row 173. I'm making it out of Drops Alpaca Color #6309. The color is to die for....the shawl is very vintage..... November 1st is when the body has to be done. At that point we start adding the lace....I'm not posting a picture until the body is done. To give me a little motivation to get me through the dreaded remaining garter work *yawn* I'm posting a contest... to name the date that I complete the body of the shawl? To be fair I started the shawl a week and a half ago. If you pick the date I send you a prize. Please post the date as a comment to this post only.


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