Thursday, June 14, 2007

1054 Words

The land of unfinished posts.
I’ve started writing my posts in a word document and then copying ‘n pasting to my blog right before I publish it. Mainly because when someone else (i.e. hubby) needs the computer (as he uses it for work) I can save it, let them on and then go back to it. At first it was a brilliant plan and worked quite well until this past week. I have about 5 half finished posts sitting in my documents. So today I’m playing catch up. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy as it’s going to be a long one. I have so much to tell!
Prepare to camp: Our last camping trip was over Memorial Day weekend. This was almost two weeks ago (a long time ago for us). This weekend we are going to go to Jubilee Lake for Father’s Day. It is a lot like Bull Prairie but a bigger lake. It is still no motors so we are rafting it. But, even with the camper there is still so much to do. We’ve been spending a lot of our nights getting ready. Whether it is washing bedding, repacking fishing gear, making lists for needed items it seems as if it is not stop to get ready. The boys are taking off Thursday night and I will meet them up there Friday when I get off from work. I believe that my graduated nephew, Chase, will be traveling with me. This is great as he can keep me laughing on the ride.
Graduation party: Last weekend we went to another graduation party for our oldest nephew. In today’s world of divorced families you not only get two houses but also two parties. It was all good with me as he is such a nice kid (oops I mean young man.) My brother-in-law made ribs and then everyone brought salads and side dishes. There was sooooo much food it was unbelievable. My father-in-law got me drunk. It wasn’t too hard as I only drink a couple of times a year and hadn’t eaten all day long. The conversation was, “do you want a glass of wine? Yes, please.” And I was feeling pretty darn happy half way through the first glass. As I poured a second glass my darling husband made a comment of, “sure honey have some more wine maybe you’ll stop laughing so hard then.” Yep, I had a case of the funnies. I did stop after my second glass, didn’t want it to be too noticeable that I’m such an easy drunk.
Colfax Rodeo: The following Sunday we all loaded up in the car and headed to Colfax. Actually to about four miles before you get to Colfax. For those who don’t know Eastern Washington, Colfax is a little dot right in the middle of farming country. We met my brother-in-law and his boys plus a bunch of friends for a Junior Rodeo. For the rodeo our party provided 6 participants. For my two boys…. It was their very first time participating in a rodeo. Sophia, my 5 year old niece, rode a Sheep. Huba and Steven road calves, Ty and Peyton rode Steers, and Justin (the teenager) and Chase rode bulls. It was one of those days that a mom, aunt, wife, sister-in-law loves. Everyone helped everyone. After reviewing the pictures, I counted 6 different people helping Huba get all of his gear on. Plus we tailgated with left over ribs and what not from the BBQ the night before.
Oh yeah! Knitting news!: Even though I set some goals about how many WIP’s I should have at any given time the number has climbed. And it has actually climbed quite a bit.
The alpaca cable cardigan is on hold. I haven’t worked on it in a couple of months. I love it. I love working on it feeling it in my fingers. Everything except is doesn’t grow very fast. I’ve been told that it will really speed up once I get through the cables. Hmmm…. It’s a matter of getting through those cables. I do though carrying it in my main knitting bag so when the moment catches me I can pull it out and do a couple of rows. The raspberry cardigan needs some double checking on gauge and measurements. I did a swatch and it was right on target. The back looks right. But I’m half way through one of the fronts. And it’s looking awfully small. I think that I’m avoiding the measuring as I really don’t want to rip it out and start it over. It will be one of those that I’ll get a second opinion on! SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS: I have 3 different pairs of socks on the needles and 1 waiting to jump on. I’ve turned the heel on the 2nd Open Rib sock and getting ready to pick up stitches for the gusset. And then I’m off to the races again on that one. I have started sock 2 of the heirloom alpaca/lavender sheep sock yet. I need the needles on the Open Rib sock for that one. Then I did start a straight stockinette sock out of the Opal in the petticoat color way my secret pal sent me. I started it to have a small mindless project going. You know, for when I’m waiting for water to boil, really long stop lights or during the previews at the movie theatre. And that is what that sock is going to stay….mindless so I’m not even going to think about a deadline. Alpaca Shawl: I still haven’t put the lace edge on it. I’m actually waiting until July when Huba is in Montana for the month and I need something to keep my mind off my little guy being gone. Secret Projects: I have two secret projects in the works also. The first secret project is for me. I just thought it would be fun not to release what it is until it’s done. But it is 40% there. The other one is for a gift to someone who reads my blog. So, that one will wait until he/she receives it. And as of right now, both Isabella and the Drops pink sweater are in the frog pond waiting to be ripped and new patterns.


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