Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey! Look at me! I'm posting!

Things have finally settled down in my little spot of the world. Junior has been home from Harborview Medical Center for a full week now. He is coming along really nice with his recovery. To be quite frank he is making leaps and bounds. Last night he even walked to the end of the driveway with his crutches. He also can get in and out of bed all by himself. He will go get his staples removed tomorrow. He will still have to keep the catheter in until they complete a cistogram. This test/picture will show if his bladder is completely healed. He will still be non weight bearing on his left leg until the first part of September.

One would have thought I would have gotten a lot of knitting while we were at Harborview. I mean really all I did was sit at the edge of Junior’s bed. But I didn’t. I got about 6 inches done on a new DROPS sweater sleeve. I did actually finish the sleeve this past weekend. I also finished seaming my secret sweater. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post a picture before I weave in all the ends or not. It’s done with the Just Bamboo and the destructions say that you should tack each woven end in with thread. So the weaving of the ends has turned into double the work. Also it’s a ribbon shape yarn so I’ll need to be extra extra careful so that one wouldn’t see it on the public side. I’ve started the lace portion of the Indigo Ripple Skirt. I think I have about 56 rows and then the ruffle. Oops and that darn 40” I-Cord. Yuk. I have 8 WIP’s. I’m thinking its getting to the point where I need to set some goals and get some of these finished up.


Heide said...

Hooray for Jr.'s progress. That type of injury would be really hard for someone as active as a teenaged boy. Maybe you can teach him to knit so he can make himself the hat he's always wanted! Ha ha. I can't wait to see pictures of what you've been knitting. I ordered a Lucet from a fellow over in Pomeroy, WA (link on today's post on my site)and I LOVE it. This morning I took it to an orthodontist appointment and I was able to crank out almost two feet in no time flat. I may never knit I-chord again! Take care.

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