Friday, August 03, 2007

Big Huge News!

Should be on the headline news!

For starters Huba is coming home today. Yep! 1 week early. And I can’t wait. It’s awesome awesome awesome.
I’ve accepted a new position at Bechtel International. More money, benefits, and no more sales. I will fill in with the details in a later post.
Heidi @ Serendiptous Opportuknitty (see side bar my hyperlink is jerking me around)~~~sent me the STR in the Jailhouse colorway. Yummie! She had a contest. And I was the lucky pick. I have to finish a current pair of socks before casting on. But it’s in the hotseat!
I’m almost halfway through the lace portion of the Indigo Ripple skirt.
June~ from Gardenknitter (will post a link on sidebar soon) also sent me a bunch of iris’. Thank you June!!!

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Heide said...

CONGRATULATIONS! A new job? How exciting for you. I hope you love it. And that is fantastic news about Huba coming home early. Glad the yarn made it there. Enjoy your weekend.